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GENIUS OF INDIAN MATHEMATICAL BRAINS Mathematical knowledge that exists today is a gift from ancient India. Believe it or not, it is true. One of the Twentieth century’s greatest brains, Albert Einstein had said about India’s contribution in the following words, “We owe a lot to the Indian’s, who taught us how to count through decimal system, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made”. Decimal system: Nine numbers and a zero can be combined to form infinite mathematical expressions and measurements. This knowledge is said to be the unique contribution of ancient Indian genius to world’s progress. During Vedic times, this decimal system was very much in vogue in India. Yujur Vedha Samhita 17th chapter, 2nd mantra describes the numerical values in a sequence like Eka, dasa, sata, sahasra, ayuta, laksha, niyuta, koti, arbud, vrinda, kharav, nikharav, Shankla, Padma, saagar, antya, Madhya, parardha etc. Parardha’s value is equal to 10 power 12 A Buddistic text c


   ART OF BEGINNING DIAMONDS India for eternity is a diamond mine. India was called “ Rata Garbha ”. Diamonds are mined here. Diamonds are cut here. Diamonds are polished here. These Indian Diamonds shine everywhere, in all ages. Indian diamond history dates back to 3000 BC. Vedas speak of Diamonds. Among the Nine gems, Diamond starts glowing with importance. Indian science of light-Jyotish Sastra (popularly called astrology), Ayurveda, (Indian medical knowledge), Alankara Sastra (Indian knowledge of beautification and Jewellery), speaks volumes about diamond usage. In Ayurveda, there is a process called “ Agada Tantra ”, which removes the toxic elements from the body. Diamonds are used in medicinal preparations for removing toxic substances, along with lead and mercury. Indian, medical tests had mentioned eight kinds of diamonds. Only diamond ash is used in medicines. A powdered diamond or liquified diamond is harmful to health. The person who consumes them dies immediately. Diamond a