GENIUS OF INDIAN MATHEMATICAL BRAINS Mathematical knowledge that exists today is a gift from ancient India. Believe it or not, it is true. One of the Twentieth century’s greatest brains, Albert Einstein had said about India’s contribution in the following words, “We owe a lot to the Indian’s, who taught us how to count through decimal system, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made”. Decimal system: Nine numbers and a zero can be combined to form infinite mathematical expressions and measurements. This knowledge is said to be the unique contribution of ancient Indian genius to world’s progress. During Vedic times, this decimal system was very much in vogue in India. Yujur Vedha Samhita 17th chapter, 2nd mantra describes the numerical values in a sequence like Eka, dasa, sata, sahasra, ayuta, laksha, niyuta, koti, arbud, vrinda, kharav, nikharav, Shankla, Padma, saagar, antya, Madhya, parardha etc. Parardha’s value is equal to 10 power 12 A Buddistic text c


   ART OF BEGINNING DIAMONDS India for eternity is a diamond mine. India was called “ Rata Garbha ”. Diamonds are mined here. Diamonds are cut here. Diamonds are polished here. These Indian Diamonds shine everywhere, in all ages. Indian diamond history dates back to 3000 BC. Vedas speak of Diamonds. Among the Nine gems, Diamond starts glowing with importance. Indian science of light-Jyotish Sastra (popularly called astrology), Ayurveda, (Indian medical knowledge), Alankara Sastra (Indian knowledge of beautification and Jewellery), speaks volumes about diamond usage. In Ayurveda, there is a process called “ Agada Tantra ”, which removes the toxic elements from the body. Diamonds are used in medicinal preparations for removing toxic substances, along with lead and mercury. Indian, medical tests had mentioned eight kinds of diamonds. Only diamond ash is used in medicines. A powdered diamond or liquified diamond is harmful to health. The person who consumes them dies immediately. Diamond a


  HIJACKED INDIAN AERONAUTICS On Dec 17th, 1903, an aircraft thrust into the skies and became the (so-called) first aircraft in human history. Wright Brothers became its inventors. We all greatly adore them today and we teach this fact to our children in schools. But to our surprise, the truth seems to be different. Eight years before the Wright brother’s aerial show, in India in the year 1895, at Chowpatty beach in Bombay, an aircraft flew in the skies up to 1,500 ft, when a large Indian audience watched this feat. And this performance happened in the august presence of His highness Maharaja of Baroda, Sir Sayaji Rao Gaikwad, and honorable Judge Mahadev Govind Ranade. This event was covered and published by the popular newspaper “Kesari” which was published from Pune. the inventor of that aircraft was an ordinary Sanskrit scholar named “Siva Kumar Bapuji Talpade”  The name of this aircraft was “Maruti Shakti”. This aircraft had been built based on the technology mentioned in the Sansk
The visual reality in interiors There is a new trend in the interior industry the VR which gives the thrill of viewing the interior designs in a 3-dimensional view. The experience of the client is overwhelming says, the client interaction manager  V.S Choudhary from an interiors startup company    THE FLOW INTERIO,  Which also has various subsidiaries in the region.  The flow interio is the only interior studio that gives both the visual reality and augmented reality technologies experience at the lowest prices in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, which is almost several times lesser than the already established corporate giants in the regions says chief designer Siddarth of  THE FLOW INTERIO,  as well.                                                                                                          -  Gunda.saitej 360 Panorama view for VR & AR HYDERABAD CONTACT @ 8555913907


THE STORY FROM THE GARAGE TO GOOGLE The story was started around 1995 at Stanford University.  Larry Page was considering Stanford for grad school and Sergey Brin, a student there, was assigned to show him around. By some accounts, at that first meeting, they disagreed on almost everything, but by the following year, they had reached a partnership. Working from their dormitories, they built a search engine that uses links to determine the importance of individual pages on the World Wide Web. They called this search engine backrub. Immediately, the backend was renamed Google (Pew). The name is a play on the mathematical expression of the number 1, followed by 100 zeros and a reflection of Larry and Sergey's goal of 'managing the world's information and making it universally accessible and useful'. In later years, Google attracted the attention of not only the academic community but also Silicon Valley investors. In August 1998, Sun wrote a check for 100,000 dollars to co

ఇండియా లో 5 జి సత్తా ఏంత ?

భారతదేశంలో 5 జి టెక్నాలజీ 5 జి 5 వ తరం మొబైల్ నెట్‌వర్క్. ఇది 1 జి, 2 జి, 3 జి మరియు 4 జి తరువాత కొత్త గ్లోబల్ వైర్‌లెస్ ప్రమాణం.    యంత్రాలు, వస్తువులు మరియు పరికరాలతో సహా వాస్తవంగా ప్రతి ఒక్కరినీ మరియు అన్నింటినీ కనెక్ట్ చేయడానికి రూపొందించబడిన కొత్త రకం నెట్‌వర్క్‌ను 5 జి అనుమతిస్తుంది. 5 జి వైర్‌లెస్ టెక్నాలజీ అంటే అధిక మల్టీ-జిబిపిఎస్ పీక్ డేటా వేగం, అల్ట్రా తక్కువ జాప్యం, ఎక్కువ విశ్వసనీయత, ఎక్కువ నెట్‌వర్క్ సామర్థ్యం, పెరిగిన లభ్యత మరియు మరింత ఏకరీతి వినియోగదారు అనుభవం. అధిక పనితీరు మరియు మెరుగైన సామర్థ్యం కొత్త కస్టమర్ అనుభవాలను శక్తివంతం చేస్తుంది మరియు కొత్త పరిశ్రమలను అనుసంధానిస్తుంది. 5 జికి 10 జిబిపిఎస్ వరకు వేగాన్ని కొనసాగించే సామర్థ్యం ఉంది. చరిత్ర: 5G కోసం ఇప్పటికీ పనిచేస్తున్న చాలా కంపెనీలు. వాటిలో కొన్ని ఇప్పటికే విజయవంతమయ్యాయి మరియు కొన్ని విజయవంతమవుతున్నాయి. 5G లో పనిచేసే ప్రధాన కంపెనీలు నాసా (M2MI), బీమ్-డివిజన్ బహుళ యాక్సెస్ మరియు గ్రూప్ సహకారంతో రిలేల ఆధారంగా 5G మొబైల్ కమ్యూనికేషన్ సిస్టమ్స్ యొక్క దక్షిణ కొరియన్ ఐటి R&D ప్రోగ్రామ్, న్యూయార్క్ విశ్వవిద్యాలయం

What is the 5G capability in India?

5G Technology in India ! INTRODUCTION: 5G is the 5th gener ation mobile network. it is the new global wireless standard after 1G , 2G , 3G and 4G .       5G allows for a new type of network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything, including machines, goods and devices . 5G wireless technology means higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra lower latency, greater reliability, greater network capacity, increased availability and a more uniform user experience. Higher performance and improved efficiency will energize new customer experiences and connect new industries . 5G have capability to maintain speed upto 10 Gbps. HISTORY: most of the companies still working for 5G.some of them already succeed and some are going to be a success. the major companies that work on 5G are NASA(M2MI), South korean IT R&D Programme of 5G mobile Communication Systems based on beam-division multiple access and relays with group cooperation, NYU wireless founded by new york Universi

G4 Swine Flu (G4 EA H1N1)

G4 Swine Flu (G4 EA H1N1) G4 Flu Virus: Scientists report that the new strain (G4) came from the H1N1 strain that caused the 2009 swine flu pandemic. The study was published Monday in the US Science Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PANS) In new research, scientists from China - the world's most populated pigs - have identified that "recently emerged" strain of influenza virus that infects Chinese pigs and has the potential to trigger the pandemic. There are genes similar to the virus that caused the 2009 flu pandemic of the swine flu strain known as the G4. Scientists also say that it has the potential to transform into a dangerous virus like COVID-19.  Scientists have identified the virus through surveillance of influenza viruses in pigs they carried from 2011 to 2018 in ten provinces in China. During this time, more than 29,000 nasal swabs were collected from slaughtered pigs, and more than 1,000 swabs or lung tissues were collected from cattle w

రష్యా అధ్యక్షుడు పుతిన్ సైబీరియాలో అత్యవసర పరిస్థితిని ప్రకటించారు

రష్యా అధ్యక్షుడు పుతిన్ సైబీరియాలో అత్యవసర పరిస్థితిని ప్రకటించారు రష్యాలోని అతిపెద్ద మైనింగ్ కంపెనీలలో ఒకటైన నోరిల్స్క్ నికెల్ యాజమాన్యంలోని రష్యన్ పారిశ్రామిక కర్మాగారం మే 29 న ఆర్కిటిక్ సర్కిల్‌లో 20000 టన్నుల చమురును వేదచల్లింది. రష్యా అధ్యక్షుడు పుతిన్ సైబీరియాలో అత్యవసర పరిస్థితిని ప్రకటించారు. ఆర్కిటిక్ సర్కిల్ వద్ద, తూర్పు రష్యాలోని అంబర్నాయ నది చమురు లీకేజీతో భారీగా దెబ్బతింది, దాదాపు 17,000 టన్నుల నూనెను నదిలోకి చిందించింది మరియు నదిని తిరిగి శుభ్రపరచడానికి  ఒక దశాబ్దం మరియు బిలియన్ డాలర్లు ఖర్చు  పడుతుందని రష్యన్ ఎన్విరాన్మెంట్ ఏజెన్సీ తెలిపింది.  ఈ సంఘటన సైబీరియన్ ద్వీపకల్పంలోని క్రాస్నోయార్స్క్ ప్రాంతంలో రష్యా యొక్క తూర్పు భాగంలో జరిగింది మరియు పారిశ్రామిక ప్లాంట్ వద్ద యజమానుల నిర్లక్ష్యం కారణంగా ఇది జరిగిందని  స్థానిక మీడియా నివేదించింది.   డీజిల్ ప్రవాహాన్ని నియంత్రించడానికి అడ్డంకులను ఉపయోగించి కొంత వరకు కట్టడి చేసారు . ప్రస్తుతం అనేక జల జాతులు నదిలో చనిపోతున్నాయని నిపుణులు అంటున్నారు. ఇది రష్యాలో అతిపెద్ద పర్యావరణ విపత్తుగా పరిగణించబడుతుంది.

Russian President Putin Announced Emergency at Siberia (Biggest Environmental disaster )

Russian President Putin Announced Emergency at Siberia Russian power plant owned by Norilsk Nickel, one of Russia biggest mining company spills approximately about 20000 tons of oil into the arctic circle on 29th May. The Russian president Putin announced Emergency at Siberia. The river Ambarnaya, in Eastern Russia at Arctic Circle, is all most damaged by the oil leakage, about 17000 tons of oil is spilled into the river and the Russian Environmental Agency says that a decade and billions of dollars will be taken to recover the river. The more 3000 tons spilled into the soil. The incident has happened in the Eastern part of Russia in the Krasnoyarsk region located at the Siberian peninsula and the local media says that because of employers neglection at the power plant.   present using barriers they controlling flow diesel in the river and experts say that many aquatic species have died in the river. It is considered as  the biggest environmental disaster ever happened in Russia.