The story was started around 1995 at Stanford University. Larry Page was considering Stanford for grad school and Sergey Brin, a student there, was assigned to show him around.

By some accounts, at that first meeting, they disagreed on almost everything, but by the following year, they had reached a partnership. Working from their dormitories, they built a search engine that uses links to determine the importance of individual pages on the World Wide Web. They called this search engine backrub.

Immediately, the backend was renamed Google (Pew). The name is a play on the mathematical expression of the number 1, followed by 100 zeros and a reflection of Larry and Sergey's goal of 'managing the world's information and making it universally accessible and useful'.

In later years, Google attracted the attention of not only the academic community but also Silicon Valley investors. In August 1998, Sun wrote a check for 100,000 dollars to co-founder Andy Bectol‌sheim Larry and Sergey, and Google Inc. was officially born. With this investment, the newly merged team upgraded from dormitories to their first office: a garage in Suburban Men's Park, California, owned by Susan Wozniak (employee No.16 and now CEO of YouTube). Clanky desktop computers, a ping pong table, and a bright blue carpet set the scene for those early days and late nights. (The tradition of keeping objects colorful continues to this day).

Even in the beginning things were unusual: from Google's startup server (made with Lego) to the first 'doodle' in 1998: a stick figure in the logo announces to site visitors that all visitors are playing hockey at the Burning Man Festival. ‘Don’t be bad’ captures the spirit of our deliberately extraordinary practices. In the following years, the company expanded rapidly - hiring engineers, building a sales team, and introducing the first company dog ​​Yoshka. Beyond the Google garage, it was eventually moved to its current headquarters (aka Googleplex) in Mountain View, California. The spirit of doing things differently made this move. Yoshka did the same.

Today, Google makes hundreds of products used by billions of people around the world, YouTube, Android, Gmail to Google search. Although we removed the Lego servers and added a few more company dogs, our passion is to build technology for everyone - from the dormitory to the garage and to this day.

Today Google is an important application in our daily life that we depended on every information and also google is a platform to access all the webpages and websites.

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