Tulasi-The Wonder Herb

Tulasi - The Wonder Herb

Generally nowadays Tulasi has wide importance in Formacatial industries in the production of many medicines. The Tulasi plant has had the same importance since ancient periods.
Tulasi redeems us from all sins. Tulasi provides us with all the wealth. Tulasi and Indian families have a symbiotic relationship. A house without a Tulasi plant is like a temple without a deity. 
Since ancient times, in every Indian household, Tulasi has occupied a prominent place. Every backyard of the Indian house is adorned with Tulasi fort. Indians believe Tulasi as an incarnation of goddess Lakshmi. Indians worship the holy basil (Tulasi) every day at a prescribed time.
There are many varieties of Tulasi. The popularly adopted Tulasi are Krishna Tulasi, Rama Tulasi, Lakshmi Tulasi.

  • Krishna Tulasi is widely used in preparing medicines. Tulasi and pepper powder are used to cure malaria fever. Tulasi and ginger are made into juice and are used to alleviate the knee joint pains.
  • Vomitings can be avoided by consuming curd or honey mixed with Tulasi seeds.
  • For curing asthmatic problems, the essence of Krishna Tulasi leaf and black pepper combination works wonders.
  • For skin disorder, a paste made of Tulasi and lemon can be applied externally.
  • For sore throat, water is boiled along with Tulasi leaves and is consumed. Tulasi rasa reduces Kapha dosa and re-energizes the body.
Modern research
  1. It reduces glucose levels and is being used to cure diabetes
  2. It reduce cholesterol levels
  3. As a cox-2 inhibitor, it is being used as a pain reliever in cancer treatment
  4. To store food grains 
Certain Vishnu devotees do not use  Tulasi as a medicinal herb and consider it as a sacred plant. They consume Tulasi water for purification of sins.
Tulasi beads are used in Japa and meditations. Garlands of fresh Tulasi leaves are offered to deities in temples every day. In Hindu temples, holy Tulasi water is given as tirtha.
In Agastya Samhita it is said that by planting Tulasi, watering Tulasi, worshipping Tulasi, rather touching Tulasi, one obtains moksha, the enlightenment.
Tulasi, the holy plant, the wonder herb, the sin redeemer is always with us from our birth to death, as an eternal companion.

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