Vijay Devarakonda is a film actor who faced the problems of middle-class families and realized no one should face these problems and started the devarakonda foundation to help the middle-class people in this pandemic situation and also the foundation main aim is to provide employment to people of rural areas.
Vijay devarakonda targeted to help 2000 families but all middle-class people who are facing problems in this pandemic situation are not getting help so the people who are interested can donate an amount to provide help for more families. All the live updates will be provided on the website 
The Devarakonda foundation is targeted to provide employment for 1lakh families. Vijay don't want to announce about the foundation. But because of this pandemic situation Vijay was announced to provide help for middle-class families through the foundation. In the first batch of foundation 50 members are under training.
  • If u want to help, middle-class people who are not getting help from the government and not having white ration card, who lost employment in this pandemic situation, and poor people who didn't receive help from government or NGO, donate by following  link.
  • If you want to receive help through devarakonda foundation follow link


 The foundation targeted to help 2000 families, by the funds they gathered now they can help 6000 families, but foundation got 77000 application from various families by this information we can know that their many families are waiting for help if u want to help u can donate through link or for getting help follow the link

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