India for eternity is a diamond mine. India was called “Rata Garbha”. Diamonds are mined here. Diamonds are cut here. Diamonds are polished here. These Indian Diamonds shine everywhere, in all ages. Indian diamond history dates back to 3000 BC.

Vedas speak of Diamonds. Among the Nine gems, Diamond starts glowing with importance. Indian science of light-Jyotish Sastra (popularly called astrology), Ayurveda, (Indian medical knowledge), Alankara Sastra (Indian knowledge of beautification and Jewellery), speaks volumes about diamond usage.

In Ayurveda, there is a process called “Agada Tantra”, which removes the toxic elements from the body. Diamonds are used in medicinal preparations for removing toxic substances, along with lead and mercury. Indian, medical tests had mentioned eight kinds of diamonds. Only diamond ash is used in medicines. A powdered diamond or liquified diamond is harmful to health. The person who consumes them dies immediately. Diamond ash is used to cure diseases like paralysis, psychic, and other neurotic problems.

Tips to identify a pure diamond…

  1. Pure diamonds always remain flawless without any scratches.

  2. When a diamond is placed in a glass of warm milk (having room temperature), the milk becomes chill.

  3. When a diamond is dropped in a cup of buttermilk or ghee, they freeze out.

Jyotish Shastra mentions nine gems. Each gem is ascribed to a planet. Among them, Diamond is assigned to “Sukra Graha” (venus”. If Venus is not properly placed in a person`s birth chart (Jyotish Kundali), then that person may be dull without creativity, without sexual vigor, without comforts, without vehicles. Etc.

If such a person wears a diamond, then that person shall receive positive vibrations of planet Venus and may get relieved from the maladies mentioned above.

India was the home of diamonds up to the 18th century. Even Kautilya had mentioned diamond exports in his book Artha Sastra.

Since 1870, the Diamond scenario of the world changed with the discovery of diamond quarries in South America and Brazil. Yet India maintains its superiority in Diamond cutting and polishing.

India had been robbed of its wealth in many ways. Diamonds are no exception. The costliest diamond called “Kohinoor” (found in India) is now shining radiantly on the British crown. Diamond studded Peacock throne had been looted from India, by  Nadir Shah.

In the year 2004 AD, the Diamond trade in India was around 10.3 Billion Dollars. Eight of ten diamonds that are produced in the world come to India for cutting and polishing. Diamonds shine forever, so do India`s talents of brightening diamonds shine forever.


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