Ancient India was the world's teacher - Jagat guru, this is the place of ultimate knowledge, All over the world were looked at India for seeking knowledge. Taxila is the world's first university it flourished around the seventh century. Today the ruins of Taxila speaks volumes about its past glory. The remnants of this once glorious university are situated in today's Rawalpindi district of Pakistan.

Takshila University

The region around Taxila was settled by the neolithic era, with some ruins at Taxila dating to 3360 BCE. The ruins of the Harappan period were also found in the Taxila region in 2900 BC, though the area was eventually abandoned after the fall of the Indus Valley Civilization. The first major settlement in Taxila was founded in 1000 BC.
By some accounts, Taxila was considered one of the first universities in the world. Others do not consider it a university in the modern sense. Later, Nalanda University in East India became very popular.
Taxila became a popular learning center several centuries before Christ (including the religious teachings of Buddhism) and continued to attract students from the Old World until the city was destroyed in the 5th century.later in 1980 AD designated into the world Heritage site.


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