history of Perini Siva Thandavam

Perini Siva Thandavam:

India is a place of art and knowledge. Similarly, this country is home to many dance arts like Bharata Natyam, Kathak, and Kuchipudi. However, some of it still boasts a great reputation today. But some have disappeared and disappeared. This is such a great dance art of dances.
Even until the 1970s there was no research on it and no one was aware of it.

Perini Siva Thandavam or Perini Thandavam was the most popular of the Kakatiyas who ruled Telangana. During the reign of Kakatiyas it was performed at least 6 times in every temple. It is performed by many males of the great gods, cattle, landlords, and clans.

The Perini dance is performed in honor of the Hindu god Shiva and is performed by the soldiers to strengthen the yoke of the soldiers before they go to war.
When we see this dance, in particular, we get a feeling like never before. Shivaay is seen dancing with Rudra.

Perini Shiva Tandava is a dance form usually performed by males. This is known as the 'Dance of Warriors'. Before leaving the battlefield, the warriors dance in front of a statue of Lord Shiva. It reached the extinction stage in the last phase of the Kakatiyas' reign.

It is believed that this form of dance inspires 'Prarana' (inspiration) and is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the supreme dancer of dance. Evidence of this dance can be seen in the sculptures near the sanctum sanctorum of the Ramappa Temple in Warangal.

Perini is a powerful dance that performs to the stunning beats of the drums. In this dance, the dancers experience the power of Lord Shiva in their bodies and attain a state of mental abstraction. While dancing they call on Lord Shiva to come and dance through him. Perini Thandavam is actually believed to be the most exciting dance form.

After the decline of the Kakatiya dynasty, Perini's dance form almost disappeared, but Padma Shri Dr. Nataraja Ramakrishna brought a revival in Perini dance which was on the verge of extinction.
Now we have to make this Telangana dance popular in the whole world and the country.

The dance, which was revived by Dr. Nataraja Ramakrishna of Padmashree, is now being brought to light by some people. You can find out more about this by monitoring it on YouTube.
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Telangana's Graceful Past: Perini Shivatandavam - Go Heritage Runs ...          

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