Russian President Putin Announced Emergency at Siberia (Biggest Environmental disaster )

Russian President Putin Announced Emergency at Siberia

Russian power plant owned by Norilsk Nickel, one of Russia biggest mining company spills approximately about 20000 tons of oil into the arctic circle on 29th May. The Russian president Putin announced Emergency at Siberia. The river Ambarnaya, in Eastern Russia at Arctic Circle, is all most damaged by the oil leakage, about 17000 tons of oil is spilled into the river and the Russian Environmental Agency says that a decade and billions of dollars will be taken to recover the river. The more 3000 tons spilled into the soil.

The incident has happened in the Eastern part of Russia in the Krasnoyarsk region located at the Siberian peninsula and the local media says that because of employers neglection at the power plant.
present using barriers they controlling flow diesel in the river and experts say that many aquatic species have died in the river. It is considered as the biggest environmental disaster ever happened in Russia.


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