Death of elephant in kerala

Death of elephant in Kerala
Elephant in the Silent Valley National Park in Palakkad, Kerala, came to Mallapuram area by searching food. The elephant is most hungry the local people gave pineapple fruit as a food elephant. But it does not know that the food with explosives. The elephant's mouth was broken with one pineapple burst. By the blast elephant got more pain and went into the nearby river, and the elephant stood in the river for a long time, the forest officers watched the elephant and try to take the elephant out, the elephant has died with unbearable pain. 

After post-Mardon the officer knew that it has died with unbearable pain and the painful thing we have to know is, it is with pregnancy and having a one-month baby elephant in its stomach.

As a result of this mistake, a 15-year-old elephant and its one-month-old baby in stomach have reached heaven.

As I write this, I want to apologize on behalf of humans.
This earth is not just for humans, but for all living things
Human beings are just one of the species on this planet. Every species on this earth has a relationship with one another.
One species is extinct, another species will also extinct. So all living things need to be protected.
to know the character of bees on the earth refer to the link Life without honey bees

Kerala had the highest literacy percentage in India and it is proved that literacy doesn't guaranty the common sense

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