When a dead elephant comes to talk, it speaks like this

When a dead elephant comes to talk, it speaks like this 

My name is Elephant. I am 15 years old.
My home is nature. The sun is burning for a few days. Our house has been damaged by some (humans). Many of the trees in our house are extinct. Some of our fellow creatures are also extinct. Now we are ready to go extinct in another few days.

But some days we can't find food. All kinds of amenities in our house have been used by humans. But we have no anger at all. Because whatever problem we have is that humans act in love.

In a sense, we humans are all brothers and sisters because they are born in our home (nature).
Maybe I came to you for food. But we don't know. You are so angry that you can kill us.

But I have no anger at you for now, because...

      We may not be human but we have humanity.
       We may not be able to speak words but we also have feelings.
       We may not be intelligent beings but we are not bad creatures.

  We may not be your fellow-creatures, but you are greater than our fellow creatures.
      Remember humans ...

      Our home is your hometown. You are 90% dependent on nature in your daily life so if nature is good then you are good.
 Please protect nature. That will save you.
 If nature is good today, it is not what I come to you with. Not a loss of life.
                                                                                                                                   -written by Saiteja

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