covid 19


Corona is a virus which causes diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, corona causes respiratory tract infections that can be mild such as a common cold. It is a danger as SARS, MERS. The symptoms vary in different species in cow it causes diarrhea,in chickens it causes upper respiratory tract disease. still, many scientists are working on this vaccine and antiviral drugs. present scientists announced (by the US government) that hydroxychloroquine and digiplex can be used as corona treatment.


                       Many people sick with the virus 1 to 14 days before developing the symptoms.
the most common symptom is tiredness, fever and dry cough many people recover without any treatment (because of there strong immune system).

• cough
• fever
• tiredness
• respiratory tract (breathing problems)


• wash your hands often
• cough on elbows
• don't touch face
• keep distance
• stay at home

Family         : Coronaviridae
Sub family   : Orthocoronavirinae
Order           : Nidovirales
Phylum        : incertae sedis
Realm          : Riboviria

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